The Russian Success in the women’s singles event

11, March, 2018

The fans are to witness «The Russian finals» in Women’s Singles. In the semifinals, Valeria Shcherbatykh defeated Natalia Bajor from Poland with 4:2 (6, 9, 9, -9, -3, 14).«I was leading 3:0 when I let my thoughts drift, lost concentration and missed two sets in a row, which was a high price to pay for the mistake. In set 6 my rival had made it to 5-2 when I finally managed to bring back focus and regain control over the situation. Actually, I struggled with myself today. In this match my attack prevailed, performed with power spins. In the finals I’m to encounter Mariia Tailakova from Russia, which makes me feel anxious, as we seldom play against each other».

 Mariia Tailakova won over the Russian player Anastasia Kolish with 4:1 (1, 5, -9, 9, 9). «I failed to win in the previous match with KOLISH (RUS) some time ago. Nonetheless, we train together, we’re in one team, so I know her weaknesses and realize how to use them to my advantage. Today, I’ve chosen the right tactics, figured out the strategy of my rival and defeated her. If I’m to play with SHCHERBATYKH (RUS) in the finals, I know what to expect and will correct my moves to make her feel uncomfortable. As for BAJOR (POL), we had a tough battle in the previous year, so I’ll try to predict her steps to keep on at minimum risks».
Women’s Singles finals will be broadcast live at 15:10.





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