Polansky vs Pletea in Men’s Singles Finals

11, March, 2018

Cristian Pletea from Romania skips shortcuts at the Championships. He won all matches of the Main Draw at the seventh set and always had to win points back. The same situation turned up during the semifinals encounter when Pletea faced Darko JORGIC from Slovenia. JORGIC scored 3:2 in sets, and even the first defined finalist Tomas POLANSKY assumed that the Slovenian athlete will be his rival in the key match. It must be noted that Pletea’s ability to mobilize all resources is astonishing: he beat the odds by winning the two remaining sets with 11-7 and 11-9 respectively and clinched a place in the finals. «I’ve seen how JORGIC played in different matches. He defeated many skilled opponents in Bundesliga and he was merciless with his rivals here. Me and my coach developed tactics that seemed legit, but the game wasn’t always going as planned. In the middle of the last set I felt something like a strong block all over my body, I guess it’s due to immense psychological pressure of the importance of this match. I was afraid to lose. My last adversary at this competition is Tomas POLANSKY (CZE). I faced him at 2016 World Championship, he’s an extremely mastered player».

 Tomas Polansky from Czech Republic gained an easy triumph in the semifinals over the Romanian Rares SIPOS with 4:1. «Last time I played against SIPOS, I nearly suffered defeat from him by winning 15:13 in the last set. He features neat backhands, so I had to keep an eye on every single detail of how he performed his shots. I found the way to resist his style and proved to be stronger. In my opinion, Darko JORGIC will be my adversary in the finals, so I’m preparing for a hard match in advance».



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