Lung/Degraef – Brateyko/Bajor will play the final of the women’s doubles

11, March, 2018

Lisa Lung may win the gold in doubles event at the European Under-21 Championships second consecutive year. Together with Margo Degraef, they beat Zhang Xuan / Ana Garcia (ESP) – 3: 2 (11, 7, -2, -8, 12). Despite the status of favorites, the Belgian duet had a hard time: «We have done our utmost to get to the finals from this match. We had to literally fight for each point, because the stakes are high and everyone plays at his finest. Our rival double were stone strong, we nearly missed the whole game – first we were leading safely 2:0 when voila!- it was 2:2 at 8:4 and then 10:10, it was a narrow margin. We supported each other all the way through, we stayed positive and tried hard to keep calm. We can’t say who will be the winner in the final match, because it will be the battle for life».

There was an unexpected defeat in the semifinals from the second seeded pair Adina Diaconu / Adreea Dragoman (Romania). They gave way to the finals for Solomia Brateyko and Natalia Bajor. The Ukrainian-Polish pair played together for the first time, but they managed to beat the more rated rivals with a score of 3: 2 (-5, 6, -9, 3, 8). After the victory, Brateyko / Bajor admitted that they did not expect such a good result from themselves: «It was long, tough and scary. We played against one of the strongest duo of the whole tournament, and I felt some sort of psychological pressure put on me because now we don’t have a right to make mistakes, simply no right. But I believed that we would be victorious, we felt mutual support coming from each other, and now I’m extremely happy with how things have turned out. Maybe we’ll do even better the next year, without risking as much in the key games as we did today».





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