Belarus will host 2018 European U21 Championships!

24, July, 2017

At the meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Table Tennis Union, Belarus Table Tennis Federation was named as the organizer of the forthcoming European U21 Championships in 2018. After watching the video presentation, the members of the Executive Committee had being applauded for a long time and they were very pleased with the material presented. Later there was a discussion with the representatives of Belarus Table Tennis Federation and they were asked some questions. First of all, many people were interested in the details of obtaining a visa, vis. the possibility to increase the number of days for visa-free staying in Minsk. The possibility of holding a championship on the basis of the Falcon Club sports arena was also discussed. The time for the EC meeting was approved as 8-11 March, 2018.


      You can see the video representation of our country’s application on the youtube-channel of the Association.


We congratulate all the Belarusian table tennis fans with the news that the 2018 European U21 Championships will be held in our country!



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